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My wife has been on me to retire for years, and has been retired for eight years. In fact, she is starting to get a little "insistent" (nagging) about me retiring. I have therefore decided to switch my plan from part-time work for a 3-4 years to winding things up by the end of the year, ideally..


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If it's a 401k loan there is no penalty and 40K is less than the threshold. If you think the market is going to continue to crash this is potentially a way to get some of your 401k out of the market for a bit and then buy back in lower as you repay the loan. ... willingness to invest in their employees, and what the future has in store ....



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Aug 02, 2022 . If I run an investment fund with $1000 in it, contributed by my one investor, and commit to paying out "dividends" of $50 a month to that one investor (e.g., $600), but my investments lose $500, so that I only have $500 left, I can only pay the full "dividend" for the year by returning $100 of capital..